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10 Big Benefits from the Friendly Tyre Dealer near Hawkhurst

Our convenient location in Tenterden gives road users in Hawkhurst easy access to our workshop and a full range of car tyre replacement services. We’re the trusted local tyre dealer with a great approach to pricing and service. When we quote for a new car tyre, a puncture repair or an alloy wheel repair, the price we say is always the price you pay!


Fair pricing is just one of the many benefits which customers from Hawkhurst can expect whenever they choose ATA Tyres as their preferred tyre dealer. Here, we list some of the big service benefits you can always expect from our Tenterden workshop:



  1. While it’s impossible to compare costs on every single car tyre from other garages, ATA Tyres ‘probably’ have the most competitive prices in the Hawkhurst area.

  2. We’ll always give you an honest appraisal of the work that needs doing. If a puncture repair is possible and looks to be a more cost-effective option, we’ll suggest it. We won’t try to sell you a new car tyre just to boost our own profitability.

  3. We’re not just a tyre dealer. Hawkhurst road users can also use us for wheel balancing, laser wheel tracking and alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services.

  4. If you need a replacement battery or a new exhaust, we can help with that too! ATA Tyres have a large impress stock range of new tyres, exhausts and car batteries.

  5. Let us know what you need by 11.00am and we’ll make sure your journey from Hawkhurst is never a wasted one. If we don’t have the car tyre you need on our shelves, we’ll have one delivered and fitted the very same day.

  6. Every puncture repair carried out at our garage in Tenterden meets current BS AU 159 standards. We’d never compromise your safety or our own reputation as a tyre dealer by giving our Hawkhurst customers anything less than the best.

  7. Steel and alloy wheel repair is a big part of our business. Instead of opting for an immediate replacement, let us inspect the damage first. Even if the damage looks irreparable, we can often provide you with a safe steel or alloy wheel repair.

  8. If you need a 4X4 car tyre, there’s only one tyre dealer covering Hawkhurst you should call. ATA Tyres specialise in 4X4 tyres. We realise that the roads and the terrain in our area can be challenging so we supply you with tyres to suit.

  9. ATA Tyres is a supplier of tyres from Maxxis. Putting our own name alongside that of a market-leading brand is your guarantee of the best quality car tyre for your vehicle.



We are ATA Tyres, the tyre dealer covering Hawkhurst where the price we say is the price you pay – and not a penny more!